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Mikko Loves Gaming : Arcana Heart 3, Lieselotte by TheMikko
Mikko Loves Gaming : Arcana Heart 3, Lieselotte
A custom thumbnail I put together for my Arcana Heart 3 videos featuring Lieselotte. I used the official promotional art and slapped it on the game logo. Nothing too complex, but I figured I'd put it up anyways. If you wanna check the videos out, just click on the link below. If you like the vids, maybe subscribe to my channel, I'd appreciate it as well as feedback. :) (Smile)……
Mai Shiranui: Sprites Over The Years by TheMikko
Mai Shiranui: Sprites Over The Years
Again I don't think I quite have 'em in perfect chronological order, but I figured if the #1 lady of Capcom fighters gets a tribute, it'd only be fair that SNK's does as well. Unlike with Chun, I always felt I at least had SOME idea how I was supposed to use Mai, not all THAT well, but at least like not totally incompetently all things considered. lol Much like Chun-Li I was a fan from the moment I saw her... though at least partially for far less noble reasons. While Chun-Li was a fore-runner for all women in fighting games, it could be argued Mai had a hand in the more sexualized portrayal of female fighters, what with arguably her most memorable feature being the sprite equivalent of breast-physics. Nonetheless, I never felt that she as a character really exploited her sexuality, she has always been strongly devoted to the love of her life and at worst has used her beauty to mess with her opponent's heads a bit, which I'd say is only fair to allow, seeing as she IS a ninja and all and subterfuge and trickery are a signature tool of theirs. Though she doesn't appear too worried about stealth nor hiding her identity, maybe she has some affinity to the art of ninjitsu beyond her combat skills.

For those wondering, the games the sprites are from are, from left to right, Fatal Fury 2/Special, Fatal Fury 3, King of Fighters '94, King of Fighters '96, in front of her Fatal Fury: First Contact for the Neo Geo Pocket, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, King of Fighters XI and King of Fighters XIII.

The background is Jin Chonshu's stage from Real Bout 2. It just looked good and I wanted to pick one that I could find as an animated GIF, just in case I decide to try and take this pic a bit further...
Chun-Li: Sprites Over The Years by TheMikko
Chun-Li: Sprites Over The Years
Despite the title, these sprites aren't, far as I know, in chronological order per se, but at least I start with the original and end with the latest one, going for a sort of showing the evolution angle. Just wanted to pay some tribute to the first lady of fighting games, though of course she isn't TECHNICALLY first, Yie Ar Kung Fu and it's sequel had the first female fighting game character and the first playable one respectively, but Chun-li is first in our hearts, the one that drove home the point that women do have a place in the genre and can go toe-to-toe with the men. I first played Chun-Li on my copy of Street Fighter II on my Amiga 500, I don't think it was even the Championship Edition, though my memory may fail me on that, and to this day I would not describe myself as a good Chun-Li player by ANY stretch, maybe not even a passable one. lol Still she holds a place in my heart and as a fan of female fighters in general I have great appreciation for the role she has played in the genre.

For those wondering, the games the sprites are from are, from left to right, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2, SF Alpha/Zero 3 (both Alpha costumes used in the Marvel vs series as well), SF the Movie The Game, SNK vs Capcom for the Neo Geo Pocket, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix aka Pocket Fighter, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Capcom vs SNK, SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. The background is from Street Fighter II.

Chun-Li and Street Fighter are trademarks of Capcom

Live from Channel 6 by TheMikko
Live from Channel 6
A picture I drew WAAAAAAY back in the summer of '06 while at a friend's cottage. Asked another friend to color it and forgot to ever put it in my gallery. Oopsie. :P

Lines by me, color by :iconjukkart:

April O'neil copyright of Eastman/Laird/Mirage Studios
Jasmyne, the Thorny Rose by TheMikko
Jasmyne, the Thorny Rose…

A femme fatale for the femme fatale slot of the fighting game character archetypes. lol Just the choice of title inspired me to actually do a character of this specific type to fill it. And I'm raaather happy with how she turned out. A slightly more menacing expression might've worked even better, but after the literal hours I put into smoothing out every line as much as I possibly could, I don't think I'll be changing a thing. lol She's deadly and lovin' it.

I felt for this character she needed an edge to her, some flair for sure, but definitely something to set her style apart from the Anna and Nina Williamses, if you will, so I decided she'd be more than okay with use of deadly force and whatever tools she can use to deal it out. Armed with a whip around her waist and a pistol and butterfly knife strapped to her thighs, she's almost as deadly as she is beautiful and alluring, never hesitant to use both her charms and cruelty to get the job done.

She wouldn't have the greatest walking or dashing speed, but quite decent range with her Savate based kicking attacks using her long legs.

Special moves:
Slash Flurry (rapidly slashing knife attack executed by tapping button repeatedly )
Single Shot (her pistol fires a fast traveling projectile, has a relatively long start-up. Strong version aimed down for a possible OTG hit )
Whip Crack (medium range strike with a whip, angle of attack determined by button used, can be delayed and cancelled while delaying )
Critical Counter (counters low, medium or high attacks depending on the button used with a grappling stab with her knife, long recovery if it whiffs)

Super Moves:
Piano-Wire Curb-Stomp (lunging command grab with button used determining range, travels over low attacks to slip a choking piano wire around her opponent's throat, throw them over backwards by it, then stomp their face into the ground as the wire snaps)
Hamstring Excecution (low dashing attack that ends with a kneeling opponent, after having their legs slashed at, receiving a slash across the throat and a shot to the back of the skull)
I've been running a Lets-Play type channel for about six months now and with 140 episodes out I figure it's about time to promote it some. No idea how many people will even read this, but I appreciate everyone that takes a look to see if they might enjoy my content. I put up videos fairly regularly, but it's a bit hard to stand out and get noticed, not like what I do is something completely unique or not done in probably way more entertaining ways by other people, I just try and share my passion for gaming and hopefully that'll connect with some people. I always appreciate comments and sharing thoughts about games and gaming and really just about anything related you might wanna bring up, it's all part of the hobby that's been very dear to me for most of my life. So please give it a look and of course if it just isn't for you I totally understand.

Just click here to go to the channel and see for yourself if it's your thing. :)


Mikko Laurinen
Current Residence: Espoo, Finland
Favourite style of art: Pencil
Operating System: Windows
Wallpaper of choice: Anything with boobies
Personal Quote: If everyone tried their best to make everyone else happy the world would be a happier place.

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